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The National Embroidery School will be held at Solway College 13 - 16 July 2020

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Monday 13 July

101       Lynn Evans       Felted collar

102       Jo Dixey           Satin-stitch Monogram


Tuesday 14 July

103       Sandra Brooks  Calla Lily Contemporary Blackwork

104       Jo Dixey           In Stitches with Jo Dixey * Young Persons only


Wednesday 15 July

105       Sandra Brooks  Kogin Drawstring Bag

106       Wendy Johnstone         Assessing the WOW Factor

107       Alysn Midgelow-Marsden           The crown jewels gone mad

108       Shirley Pygott   Exploring Colour for Beginners


Thursday 16 July

109       Sandra Brooks  Sunflower Contemporary Schwalm

110       Alysn Midgelow-Marsden           Altered images


TWO-DAY WORKSHOPS:  Monday 13 - Tuesday 14 July

201     Nicki Delport-Wepener                    Feeding Butterfly  FULL

202     Lesley Turpin-Delport                       Cape White Eye  FULL

203     Christine Bishop                          Byzantine Lefkara Lace (Lefkaritiko)  FULL

204     Alison Cole                                 Illuminated Floral  FULL

205     Annie Huntley                              Golden Rose Lei

206     Dale Rollerson                            Paper, Cloth & Stitch

207     Yvette Stanton                                    Smoyg cushion or needlecase

208     Maree Talbot                               Elizabethan Lion Panel  FULL  try 225

209     Maree Burnnand                          Brompton

210     Julie Clemett                               Hishi-zashi: Clutch bag or Hussif  FULL try 105 or 227

211     Fiona Crowther-Aker                    Butterfly  FULL

212     Heather Hamm                            Canvaswork Sewing Kit  FULL try 105 or 227

213     Anne Jaquiery-Newall                   Sunrise over the Waiarapa FULL try 231

214     Judy Mason                                Purple Passion

215     Wendy Johnstone                       Creative Inspiration

216     Alysn Midgelow-Marsden             Hot, Wet and Sticky

217     Shirley Pygott                             Steampunk Goldwork Fusion  FULL try 226 or 209



TWO-DAY WORKSHOPS: Wednesday 15 - Thursday 16 July

218     Nicki Delport-Wepener                    Patty's plum  FULL

219     Lesley Turpin-Delport                       Pig’s Ear Botanical  FULL

220     Christine Bishop                          Shadow box with sampler & accessories 

221     Alison Cole                                 Hihi and Matata  FULL

222     Annie Huntley                              Caterpillar's palace

224     Yvette Stanton                             arly-style Hardanger band

225     Maree Talbot                               Elizabethan Tree Panel

226     Maree Burnnand                          Let's Get Laid

227     Julie Clemett                               Ukrainian Whitework - Christmas Stocking

228     Lynette Crowther                         What a Hoot  FULL  try 222

229     Fiona Crowther-Aker                    The Clock

230     Jo Dixey                                     Designing from Lace

231     Anne Jaquiery-Newall                   Flax in Flower

232     Judy Mason                                Paisley Swirl

233     Birgit Moffatt                              Ecodyeing


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